Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Woods Speech

I mention this speech, only because I feel that it's content is informational to this website.

Is it really necessary for Tiger Wood’s to apologize to the world through the media for his inappropriate behaviours? Is it really anyone’s business but his and his wife’s? Or is it just more narcissism? Is it just more keeping the spotlight focused on him?

I believe that whatever happened between the two of them should have stayed right there. His apologies, as far as I’m concerned, falls on deaf ears. I didn’t care that he was having multiple affairs, and I don’t care about his apologies. I only hope and pray that he is as sincere with his wife as he begs for her forgiveness.

As Elin weighs her options, I hope she recognizes the work that is in front of her - no matter which way she decides to go.

Walking away from her marriage, whether it was because of his infidelities or not, will be difficult. Let’s face facts, there’s little doubt that when she walked the aisle, she had this scenario playing out in her head. When you marry, you expect it to be for life. When you marry, you expect your partner to live up to the promises committed to on that special day. Then to find out that your partner has decided to play another role.........

It’s my humble opinion, that Tiger should stay behind closed doors and figure this out with his wife and his therapists.

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  1. Do you think that Tiger is truly addicted to sex, as he claims, or do you think, as he stated in his speech, that he had a sense of entitlement, that he could do whatever he wanted. I think that is the real issue with him - his own sense of self importance got in the way of his values. I was happy to hear him say that, because I think that is where his work lies.